Warriors brief: Comparing key playoff stats for Dubs and Cavs


The Warriors and Cavaliers will face each other for their fourth straight NBA Finals starting on Thursday. Here are some key stats in the playoffs for each team, and how they may impact the Finals:

Offensive Rating: 
GSW: 110.0
CLE: 107.1
The Cavs have been better on the offensive end than many have given the team credit for, however, this rating is directly correlated to LeBron James's incredible play.

GSW: 99.9
CLE: 93.9
The Warriors' pace is a little slower than normal, due to their iso-heavy battle with the Rockets. The Cavaliers will try to impose their very slow pace on the game, but they have less defensive talent than the Rockets to slow down the Warriors.  

Assists per game:
GSW: 25.6
CLE: 18.8
This Rockets played impressive man-to-man defense to limit some of the tremendous ball movement the Warriors are used to displaying. The Cavaliers will not be able to have that same impact, while the Warriors switching defense should fare well against the Cavs.

3-point Percentage:
GSW: 35.2
CLE: 33.9
The Warriors percentage is lower than expected due to Steph Curry's early postseason absence and some prolonged mid-playoffs slumps for Kevin Durant and Curry. Kyle Korver has shot 45 percent from deep in the playoffs, and will be the main three-point threat for the Cavs with J.R. Smith's streaky shooting and George Hill slumping. 

GSW: 13.5
CLE: 12.8
It'll probably come as a surprise to many Warriors fans, but the team has actually been in the better half of all playoff teams in turnovers. Factoring in pace of play, the Cavs and Warriors both maintain a good 13.6 turnover percentage. 

Defensive Rating:
GSW: 99.7
CLE: 105.9
During the regular season, an apathetic Warriors team posted a ninth ranked 104.2 rating. During the playoffs, the Warriors have been a defensive monster as expected. The Cavs were the 29th worst team in the regular season, but their defensive metrics have improved slightly in the playoffs. The Cavs have a serious weakness in rim protection, and will have some defensive liabilities trying to corral Curry and Durant. James will have to save some energy on the defensive end if he has hopes to lead his team's offense.

Game Result/Schedule
Game 1 Oakland -- Thursday, May 31 at 6pm
Game 2 Oakland -- Sunday, June 3 at 5pm
Game 3 Cleveland -- Wednesday, June 6 at 6pm
Game 4 Cleveland -- Friday, June 8 at 6pm
Game 5 Oakland -- Monday, June 11 at 6pm
Game 6 Cleveland -- Thursday, June 14 at 6pm
Game 7 Oakland -- Sunday, June 17 at 5pm
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