Warriors bench gave Steph running total during his 62-point game


Steph Curry had to contend with extra attention from the Portland Trail Blazers' defense Sunday night when he scored a career-high 62 points.

He also had to fight off the Warriors' bench.

"It doesn't help when your teammates are yelling at you every dead ball how many points you got," Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors broadcasters Bob Fitzgerald and Kelenna Azubuike after Golden State's 137-122 win over Portland. "But other than that, [I just tried to] not do anything differently. Keep being aggressive, keep being decisive and good things happen."

After connecting on just 42 percent of his shots through the Warriors' first five games, Curry was ultra-efficient in his sixth. His 62 points came on 31 field-goal attempts and 19 free-throw tries, with the two-time MVP making 58.1 percent of his field goals (18 of 31), 50 percent of his 3-pointers (8 of 16) and 94.7 percent of his free throws (18 of 19).

Curry connected from every spot on the floor. He made a handful of shots at the rim, knocked down a trio in midrange and splashed some signature heat checks from well beyond the arc.

It was a performance evocative of Curry at his unanimous MVP best, but these Warriors are much different than their 73-win predecessors. Curry still is getting to know many of his teammates, and they're still getting to know him, but Sunday certainly represented progress in their budding relationship.

"[I'm taking] different shots than years past, and a lot of that is just not rushing," Curry said of how he dealt with the Blazers' double teams and help defenders. "Even though there might be double teams and a crowd, I always have options; move it, get a shot or get to the basket. I've just got to make sure I see everything right, and tonight, I slowed down a little bit, and it obviously worked it."

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Curry will continue to receive heightened attention from opposing defenses with Klay Thompson out for the entirety of the season, but he'll only need to worry about that between whistles. He had to have his head on a swivel for his teammates after Sunday's win, as Damion Lee doused him with water during his interview with Fitzgerald and Azubuike.

When Curry shoots like he did Sunday, a water-bottle shower might be one of the few things capable of cooling off his hot hand.

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