There's danger in a deal to keep this year's pick


As long as theres all this interest as it pertains to theWarriors draft pick and whether theyll get to keep it or not, heres ascenario Id be worried about if Im a Warriors fan.A couple of weeks ago, owner Joe Lacob said that there was avery good chance that the Warriors would be able to keep their 2012first-round draft pick.Thats the one, of course, that will go to Utah if it is theNo. 8 pick or worse. Clearly the Warriors are working on a deal with the Jazzthat would ensure Golden State gets to keep its pick this yeareven if itturns out to be No. 8 or worse.STEINMETZ: Will the Warriors' draft pick be worth all this?
Who knows what the exact details would be? But it wouldclearly involve the Warriors lessening or removing protections on a future pickthat eventually goes to the Jazz.Thats dangerous territory, though, at least from thisvantage point.Lets say for example that the Warriors make such a dealwith Utah, and the Warriors get to keep their pick this year. And lets saythey get a pick in the Nos. 4 through 9 range, and get an immediate rotationplayer.OK, but chances are the 2013 pickwith less restrictions(or maybe even none at all)could go to the Jazz. So, then what if you dontturn it around next season? What if Stephen Curry andor Andrew Bogut struggleto get healthy?What if youre not a playoff team next season? Or what if,allowing for the possibility, youre worse?Bottom line is youd be giving up the safety net of havingyour own pick in the event that happens. Yes, its possible to think that theWarriors could be a playoff team next year and that losing the 2013 pick wontmatter.But you have to be prepared if thats not the case.

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