The time Steve Kerr nearly got in a brawl with a friend over a game of shuffleboard


Steve Kerr is...

... extremely competitive.

If you didn't know that before he became the head coach of the Warriors, you certainly know that now.

On Friday morning, Ethan Strauss of The Athletic wrote a feature story on Kerr, entitled: The Steve Kerr Duality: Getting from Mr. Nice Guy to ‘rips your head off.'

Kerr and Jud Buechler were college teammates at Arizona and remain friends to this day.

Here is an excerpt from Strauss' story:

Buechler knows Kerr’s harder edge from some experience. Kerr nearly fought him over a game of horse collar shuffleboard at a Palm Springs area bar, about a decade ago.

Nobody involved can identify what sparked an almost brawl that had to be broken up. It’s simply summarized as “We were talking sh*t to each other.” Fortunately, Mr. Nice Guy was back the next morning to hug it out with Jud and end the Great Horse Collar Feud of La Quinta, California.

Kerr’s moments of menace pass, but in those moments, no stakes are so low that they can’t be considered so high.

Consider yourself warned -- don't ever challenge Kerr to a game of ping-pong unless you are prepared for battle...

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