The numbers prove that the Warriors made things ‘a little more difficult' for LeBron in Game 2


In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Cavs shot over 44 percent from the field.

"I thought our defense was subpar," Steve Kerr said on Saturday.

In Game 2, the Cavs shot 41 percent from the field.

"The defense in general -- not just Draymond -- but KD and our young guys -- Looney and JB -- and JaVale did a good job," Kerr told reporters after the win. "We just played a more intense defensive game tonight than we did in Game 1."

LeBron James -- who scored 51 points on 19-for-32 from the field on Thursday -- scored 29 points on 10-for-20 from the field on Sunday.

"He was very comfortable in Game 1 and I thought we at least made him somewhat uncomfortable at times," Kerr explained. "You gotta do your best. You gotta pressure him. You gotta know he's gonna end up with 30 points and a triple-double and all that stuff because he's that good.

"But we made things just a little more difficult for him tonight."

The numbers prove it.

In Game 1, LeBron attempted six "wide open" shots. In Game 2, he only attempted one.

Speaking of "wide open" shots...

In addition to the good fortune the Warriors had in Game 1 (the overtuned charge, George Hill's missed free throw, JR Smith's blunder, etc.), the Cavs made only six of their 20 "wide open" 3-pointers, according to

How do we know Golden State's defense was more dialed in for Game 2?

Well, the Cavs only attempted 11 "wide open" 3-pointers (and made six).


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