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Kerr believes he'll be back as Warriors coach beyond this season

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Steve Kerr doesn’t see himself leaving the Warriors after the 2023-24 NBA season.

Over the past decade, Kerr has coached Golden State to an unprecedented dynasty, claiming four NBA titles along the way. 

But with former Warriors general manager Bob Myers out of the picture and Kerr’s contract set to expire without yet having signed an extension, the worries are that the 58-year-old and Golden State could be parting ways at the season's end.

Contrary to the speculation, the Warriors coach told The Ringer’s Logan Murdock that he sees a future for himself no different to what he’s been living the past 10 years in the Bay.

“I want to be back,” Kerr told Murdock. “I’ve made that clear every time I’ve been asked about it. The only thing I won’t talk about is just any detail of contract stuff, but I’ve been very open. I want to come back. Joe [Lacob has] told me he wants me back, so I think I’ll be back.”

A visionary, tactician and authentic leader, Kerr has managed to do wonders with the Warriors teams he has coached.

From leading Golden State to five consecutive NBA Finals to coaching Steph Curry to stardom and back-to-back MVPs, converting Klay Thompson into one of the best shooters and two-way guards in the league and maximizing Draymond Green’s defensive prowess, Kerr has had influence at every level of the Warriors' rise to an NBA superpower.  

Now, as the Warriors inch their way closer to the latter stages of their dynasty, Kerr remains committed as ever to Golden State.

“I coach an unbelievable group of guys,” Kerr said. “I love my coaching staff. I love Mike Dunleavy. Mike has been amazing to work with. Joe’s an incredible owner. 

“When you think about what he’s done with his franchise and to have been a part of it with Bob and with Steph and Dray and Klay, it’s amazing. So just because we’re not as good now doesn’t mean I’m going to just jump ship and say, ‘All right guys, see you later.’ 

“I’m not here just for winning championships, I’m here because I love my job. I’m here because I love my players and coaches and love working for the Warriors. So why would I leave?”

The Warriors’ days of gunning for five consecutive NBA Finals appearances might be behind them, but the dynasty-winning core remains intact, complemented by a young core of players led by 21-year-old Jonathan Kuminga.  

It’s too early to leave the party, and Kerr knows that.

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