Steph's text to KD shows Warriors star's unique selflessness


Steph Curry is one of the most unselfish superstars the NBA has ever seen, and his part in recruiting Kevin Durant to the Warriors portrayed exactly that. 

The idea of sharing the spotlight with another superstar while in the prime of your career could be intimidating to any star. That's why the conversation understandably is often deflected. 

But after some introspection, the decision became clear to Curry. 

The four-time champion sat down with Warriors general manager Bob Myers and reflected on back on the text message he sent to Durant that ultimately led to the two joining forces in the Bay in 2016. 

“Everything you just explained worked because I know myself,” Curry began. “I know how I can operate in that environment with somebody as great of a basketball player as he is, all the off-court platform, selling shoes and all that other stuff. That all mattered, but I also know myself to know I could exist in a situation where I know when to get out the way, I know when to lead, I know when to speak, I know how to find value in myself every single day. 

“And nobody was really going to threaten that part. It was just like, ‘Is this going to help us win, and am I going to enjoy playing basketball with him? Hell yeah.’ So [I was] trying to explain all of that to him at that moment.” 

Of course, Curry’s selflessness paid off immensely for Golden State: three consecutive NBA Finals appearances and two titles. And for the first time in Durant's career, he could call himself a champion and NBA Finals MVP, an award he won in 2017 and 2018. 

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But had Curry not signed off on the deal, it likely wouldn't have happened. 

Again, it goes to show how having no ego and being the perfect team player can result in great things. Just ask Steph Curry.  

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