Steph's perfect one-liner shows Finals MVP dream comes true


Steph Curry has completed his trophy case to attain certified NBA legend status.

After the Golden State Warriors closed out the Boston Celtics 103-90 to secure their fourth NBA title with Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson as the core foundation, the only knock on the “petty king,” however undeserved, had been that he had never won an NBA Finals MVP award.

Of course that finally changed last night, and while Curry might not have appreciated that being the first question in his postgame presser, he had a hilarious reaction when he visited the NBA TV crew with the MVP trophy his side.

“That thing ain't leaving my sight.”

So genuine. So real.

His amusing reply proves how much winning the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award means to him, his family, and his teammates. Fans visibly saw it as he was brought to tears as soon as the game ended. His brother, Seth, lauded his greatness, describing him as an other-worldly “psycho.” Andre Iguodala called him the “best point guard of all time.” The praise for the greatest shooter in NBA history was endless and deserved.

More importantly, he silenced the fraudulent haters for good (CC: Skip Bayless).

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