Stephen Curry responds to Kyrie Irving's Warriors ‘got lucky' comments


It's one thing to be modest and say "it was all luck," but it's another when it's a bit of a dig at someone else -- especially if you play for the Warriors.

But that's what happened when Kyrie Irving took a few moments to talk to the media following the Dubs' 115-111 win over the Celtics on Saturday night.

"They had poise but they also got pretty lucky, too," Irving told NBC Sports Boston.

OK ...

Stephen Curry caught wind of the comments after the game and his reaction what just about what you would expect:

The game was not an easy one by any means: 14 ties and 21 changes with the lead. And Warriors coach Steve Kerr became the fastest coach ever to reach 300 career wins.

That's good, right?

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Call it luck if it makes you sleep better at night, but we're still unsure exactly what that means. 

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