Stephen A.: Caitlin Clark is Steph of women's college hoops


Steph Curry's impact on the game of basketball knows no bounds.

Just about every young hooper these days wants to emulate the Warriors star player. As Iowa Hawkeye guard Caitlin Clark's star shines bright during the NCAA Tournament, she is hearing more and more comparisons to the Splash Bro. 

"She's a Steph Curry of women's college basketball, that's why," Smith said when asked what makes Clark unique during Friday's "First Take." "She has [an] unlimited range. She's got a handle. She can get to the basket. She's aggressive with this. 

"She averaged 27 [points per] game this season. She's just a sniper. She is lethal, and I love watching her. She's one of the greatest attractions in college basketball. She can pull up from the parking lot. We like that."

Curry revealed what makes Clark special and one of the most thrilling players in March Madness in a recent interview with ESPN.

"She's fearless," Curry told M.A. Voepel. "We know everything kind of centers around her, but she does a great job of scoring at a high level but also being a playmaker and distributor."

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The Warriors guard recognized Clark's 3-point shooting as the Iowa star can shoot routinely from the logo. Clark averaged 8.9 3-point attempts per game and shot 38 percent from beyond the arc this season.

"No shot is a bad shot when you can shoot it as well as she can," Curry said. "When you watch them play, she just adds the element of surprise that you can't really game-plan for. Because it's so unseen in the sense of when she crosses half court, she's in her range."

The No. 2 seed Hawkeyes face the No. 6 seed Colorado Buffaloes on Friday in the Sweet 16, with the winner needing one more additional victory to clinch their spot in the 2023 Final Four. 

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