Steph shares touching moment with his college head coach


You never forget where you came from. Neither does Steph Curry.

The Warriors star, a very proud Davidson College alum, was seen after Tuesday night’s 122-116 win over the Phoenix Suns hanging out with his former head coach Bob McKillop.

The two appeared to simply be chopping it up after the game and I’m sure they had plenty to talk about.

Steph is having an absolutely star-studded season and regardless of whether he takes NBA MVP honors or not, this season will be remembered for his sheer excellence.

He currently leads the league with 31.8 points per game and has been the guy who has been putting up giant numbers in each game for the play-in bound Warriors. He even was called out by Damian Lillard as being a possible guy who could break legend Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game back in 2006.

The seven-time All-Star’s journey to get to Davidson, and eventually, the Warriors, was a bumpy road. He wasn’t even recruited until his junior year of high school and had no idea why. He was able to shoot (obviously), he was an intelligent player, but it was his size schools didn’t like. 

In front of Coach McKillop during a high school game in Las Vegas, Steph actually played horribly, but he noticed Steph was relentless.

“Never once did he stop playing,” McKillop said in an interview in Steph’s Facebook series.

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McKillop was impressed and recruiting Steph was the next part -- until McKillop really had to recruit Curry's mom, Sonya.

Fast forward a lot of years, and well … you know the rest of the story. 

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