Steph says Canon already learning basketball terminology


The Curry genes run strong. 

Need proof? Look no further than Steph Curry's adorable son, Canon. 

Much like his father, Canon has taken the social media world by storm after a video of him dribbling a basketball surfaced. Obviously, Canon has been watching dad play, because he even does Curry's signature chest tap and point to the sky in the video. 

Curry joined Warriors' play-by-play radio broadcaster Tim Roye on 95.7 The Game on Wednesday night, noting that the video has come full circle.

"Got to start somewhere," Curry said. "I have videos of me back in the day in Charlotte watching my dad play."

Canon has apparently picked up a good amount of skill from watching his dad and uncle Damion Lee play each night. Given the talent, it's hard not to.

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"He’s learning dribbling and he even liked his uncle Damion euro-step finish the other day," Curry said. 

Curry of course was referencing a second video of Canon that his wife Ayesha posted. It shows Canon instantly recognizing Lee's move.

"​He’s learning all the terminology," Curry said. "It’s pretty cool."

When your dad is Steph Curry, and your grandfather is Dell Curry, well, you're in pretty good hands when it comes to basketball genetics.

Even at his early age, Canon is proof of it. 

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