Steph reveals ‘secret sauce' to Warriors' NBA title hopes


There are many reasons for the Warriors' 12-2 start that has them atop the NBA.

Steph Curry is playing at an NBA level, Draymond Green is locked in on defense, the Warriors once again have "Strength In Numbers," and Steve Kerr's offense is as potent as ever in Year 8 at the helm for the Warriors.

After two years on the outskirts of the NBA, Curry and the Warriors appear to have returned to legitimate NBA title contention. Curry knows what's behind the Warriors' early-season success, but also knows they will have some challenges ahead, especially as Klay Thompson and James Wiseman return.

"Like I said, the familiarity of the system and the DNA of what we do," Curry said after the Warriors' 117-99 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, "I mean, we talking how you practice, travel, how you prepare for games, shootaround, everything. There's a familiarity there that helps. Over eight years, there's a level of expectation of what that means for us as the core, and for the young guys, they feel it.

"Now, the only challenge is how do you balance so much talent and opportunity for everybody to get a little piece of the pie. Because I mean right now we played 12 guys and you got Klay Thompson and James Wiseman back at home playing 5-on-5 and getting ready. So that is a great problem to have. But that is the challenge of what we have in terms of balancing how many guys you can throw out there every single night and creating a solid rotation that's going to help us win a championship, so that's the secret sauce, right now."

First-world NBA problem, to be sure.

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After dropping 37 on Kevin Durant and the Nets on Tuesday at Barclays Center, Curry and the Warriors made a loud statement to the rest of the NBA world that had been hesitant to acknowledge their resurrection.

These Warriors appear to be for real and Thompson's return is on the horizon, giving the Warriors juice in the present and hope for what they could become in the future.

"I mean from a mental standpoint alone, it's huge," Green said after the Warriors' win over the Nets about Thompson's impending return. "I think it also helps with the way other teams view you as well. We're looking forward to getting him back. We know what he brings to the table. We're not expecting him to be Klay Thompson of 2018 right away, but he has worked his ass off. He has worked his ass off for this moment and I'm looking forward to getting him back out there."

The Warriors are back and they aren't going anywhere.

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