Steph describes what watching film of his epic Game 4 is like


Most Warriors fans probably re-watched Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals over the weekend, wanting another glimpse of Steph Curry's remarkable 43-point performance in a 107-97 win over the Boston Celtics.

While Dub Nation watched it for fun, Curry had to watch the film as part of his job, research for Game 5 on Monday night at Chase Center, a contest that will put one team a single win away from an NBA title.

For someone like Curry, who has played in the NBA since 2009 and watched countless tapes of his past performances, what was it like reliving arguably the most iconic Finals game of his career?

"It's cool because when you watch film, there's a lot of different emotions because you usually know the outcome of the game, whether you played well individually or not, you always know what happens at the end like you're watching the end of a movie," Curry told reporters on Sunday. "It's always nice to know the movie turns out great at the end.

"But it's more so just the balance of watching what worked and trying to understand those patterns so that you can repeat that for the next game, maybe anticipate some adjustments that might happen. Try to slow it down and try to be one step ahead of that."

And just like Warriors fans and NBA fans in general, Curry's attention wasn't just on what he was doing on the court against the Celtics on Friday night.

"In the meantime, also watching a lot of different reactions in the crowd and on the bench, stuff like that too," Curry said. "That's always some good entertainment."

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Curry, who is averaging an NBA Finals-leading 34.3 points through the first four games, will try to carry over the success into Game 5. Another legendary performance and the Warriors will fly back to Boston for Game 6 with a three-games-to-two lead in the series.

That would make watching the film of Game 5 on the cross-country flight better than any movie Curry might want to watch.

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