Steph Curry trolled Raptors with ‘box-and-one' hoodie after NBA Finals loss


It was a mix of emotions when the Toronto Raptors pulled the "box-and-one" defense on Steph Curry during the NBA Finals. 

For one, Steph himself was "flattered," knowing they used it as an attempt to slow him down. But he also called the gimmick defense "janky" and his brother, Seth, noted it was something that he's never seen in an NBA game:

Nonetheless, it worked.

Curry was held to scoreless over the final 12 minutes of Game 2 when the Raptors first utilized the defense. And it appears Steph had some fun at the Raptors' expense by porting a box-and-one sweatshirt:

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The screengrab is from his Facebook documentary series "Stephen vs The Game" after the Warriors fell to the Raptors in the Finals.

The final show of the series detailed Curry's body and how it began to react to the long, tedious season.

That's when he knew it was over.

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