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Curry hilariously recaps involvement in 2013 Warriors-Pacers scuffle

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Steph Curry is one of the calmest athletes in professional sports, but that doesn't mean he always has avoided heated exchanges during his 15 seasons in the NBA.

During an appearance on the "SmartLess" podcast, the Warriors' star point guard hilariously recapped his involvement in an on-court altercation against the Indiana Pacers over a decade ago.

"I've gotten a beatdown. It was in, I think it's on YouTube still, it was in Indiana in 2013," Curry shared. "Roy Hibbert, David West, and my teammate at the time, David Lee. Roy Hibbert and David Lee kind of squared up underneath the basket, it was like big-man-on-big-man crime. Guards and little guys stay out the way. That's kind of a known thing in the league when the big guys are going at it. Just everything else around doesn't matter."

That didn't stop Curry from entering the fray, as the Warriors guard valiantly raced into the scuffle in an attempt to defend Lee.

"My dumb ass wanted to get in there and protect my teammate," Curry explained. "So they square up, they chest bump, and I run up behind Roy Hibbert. He's 7-foot probably, 290, 280 pounds, and I tried to like grab him from the back and pull him off my teammate. When I tell you it was like swatting a fly off, he literally just took his left hand and just. It was literally under the basket, and I flew all the way into the corner.

"Like feet off, slid across the court. So now I'm embarrassed, so then I have to get up and act like I'm coming back for more. That's when David West, who's like the big punisher, the enforcer on the court, he like kind of stiff arms me and puts me in my place. Just holds me in one hand with all this commotion going on."

West's involvement in the bruhaha is noteworthy, considering he later became Curry's teammate in Golden State while playing a pivotal role in the Warriors' back-to-back NBA championships in 2017 and 2018.

Despite Curry getting tossed aside by Hibbert 10 years ago, he revealed that he doesn't harbor any resentment towards the former Pacers big man.

"Great guy. Got a mean left swim move," Curry jokingly remarked.

While nobody could ever question Curry's loyalty to his teammates, hopefully his days of inserting himself into on-court disputes are well behind him.

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