Steph Curry ranks best arenas in NBA based on their popcorn quality


Did you know that Steph Curry loves popcorn?

"I have a huge popcorn addiction," the two-time MVP said on the latest episode of his YouTube series, "5 Minutes From Home."

Fortunately for Curry, Riley Morrison -- the nine-year-old who wrote him a letter in November asking why the "Curry 5s" weren't available in girls sizes -- was a guest on the show and surprised him with some popcorn.

As he opened the bag and started to chow down, he explained something very important.

"There are 29 arenas in the NBA, so I have a ranking of every arena based on the freshness, the saltiness, the butteriness and the crunch of the popcorn," Curry said.

And without further ado, Curry's Top 3 are:

1) Brooklyn
2) Miami
3) Dallas

Curry's last two games in Brooklyn:
-Nov. 19, 2017 = 39 points
-Oct. 28, 2018 = 35 points

Does he love the popcorn there because he plays well at Barclays Center, or does he play well there because the popcorn is so good?

As for the worst popcorn:

29) Los Angeles

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"I don't know what happened in LA but they have the worst popcorn in the league," he declared. "They gotta get better. They gotta get better."

And so does the team that rocks the purple and gold at Staples Center (sorry, but it was too easy!)

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