Steph Curry pokes fun at parents for cheering for both Warriors, Blazers


When you're the "royal family" of the NBA, sometimes you are faced with hard choices. But you also don't always have to make the tough choice, sometimes you can toe the line.

Such was the case with Dell and Sonya Curry during Game 1 of the Western Conference finals matchup between the Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers, and, more importantly, the matchup between their sons, Steph and Seth Curry.

Dell and Sonya devised a plan to flip a coin before each game to decide which son each would cheer for that night. 

But it didn't really go according to the script during the Warriors' blowout Game 1 win on Tuesday night.

Dell and Sonya sported double-sided jerseys to Game 1, with mom rocking Seth on the front and Steph in the back. Even though she was supposed to be cheering for Portland in Game 1, Steph caught his mom standing up in her Blazers gear cheering for him after one of his 12 made field goals.

The two-time NBA MVP poked some fun at his parents after the Warriors' 116-94 win.

“I think I caught myself a couple times looking up in the stands at my parents, who did the whole coin flip thing, and they can’t help themselves,” Curry said at the podium. “So any time either one of us did something good, they both were clapping. So they got to fix themselves (laughter). I told my mom, ‘Who you with?’ When I made a shot, I saw her stand up and cheer and I saw her in all Portland gear. It’s just weird.”

Steph was unstoppable in Game 1.

The Blazers gave him far too much room coming off screens and Steph torched them for 36 points, including nine 3-pointers.

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Portland will need to make adjustments and fast, or else Dell and Sonya will be able to put the coin and double-sided jerseys away and prepare for the Warriors' fifth straight NBA Finals appearance.

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