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Steph Curry, Warriors embracing ‘hunter' mentality in 2023-24 NBA season

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Heading into his fifteenth NBA season, Steph Curry is ready to embrace an unfamiliar role as the Warriors look to return to their championship ways.

After a turbulent season that concluded with a second-round playoff exit, Curry is well aware that the Warriors no longer are a team that is viewed as the unstoppable force they once were.

During a recent appearance on the "Gils Arena" podcast, Curry spoke about how he and the Dubs welcome the challenge of no longer being a team that the rest of the league is chasing.

"Three core guys trying to keep proving people wrong, and we still have what it takes," Curry said. "We're the hunter now, not the hunted, and we're trying to embrace that energy.

"I think the biggest thing is the notion that you always want to be the team that everyone picks, that's a good spot to be in. But if you're in that group of six to eight teams that legitimately has a shot, in terms of the experience, the cohesiveness, the sense of identity of how you play the game. If you're in that conversation, you hope for health, you hope for people to continue to play at the level they need to, then you get to the playoffs, and it's just a roll of the dice to see what happens.

"That's all we want, is just a chance, and I think we got that this year."

Despite no longer being the consensus favorite, the Warriors remain a legitimate title contender that boasts unparalleled postseason experience.

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