Steph Curry identifies ‘the hardest thing to simulate' throughout knee rehab process


When the Warriors face the Rockets in Game 1 on Monday, it will be nearly 7.5 weeks since he sustained the Grade 2 MCL sprain in his left knee.

In Game 5 against the Pelicans, he played 37 minutes and racked up 28 points, eight assists and seven rebounds.

If he isn't "100 percent," he's got to be pretty close.

During his transition back into the lineup, what is harder -- making a move on offense or sliding defensively?

"Probably defensively, just because you're not in control," Curry told reporters. "You're closing out and having to react what the offensive player is doing. Not only move laterally, but be ready to brace for physicality and impact if you got to change direction.

"That's the hardest thing to simulate when you're not playing 5-on-5 for almost six weeks."

The Rockets like to attack specific matchups and/or players they believe can be exploited.

Curry understands that he will find himself in many iso situations where his 1-on-1 defense will be tested.

He's confident he can more than hold his own.

"When somebody else has it, and they're giving you a crossover or trying to put their shoulder through your chest or whatever it is -- that's the real adjustment when you're transitioning back," Curry added.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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