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Curry's ridiculous endurance on display in Dubai sand dune workout

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Steph Curry long has been lauded for his exceptional conditioning, which is as pristine as ever as the Warriors star enters his 15th NBA season.

A major reason for Curry's legendary stamina is the off-the-court work he puts in during the offseason, even when he is abroad.

Performance trainer Carl Bergstrom posted a video Tuesday on Instagram showing Curry sprinting through sand dunes in Dubai.

Never one to take a day off, Curry was vacationing in Dubai before making time to hit the sand.

These workouts are a great example of the kind of dedication Curry has to keep his body in shape, which has kept him in elite company when it comes to endurance on the court.

During the 2022-23 season, Curry traveled an average of 1.48 miles per game while on offense, which was the eighth highest in the NBA.

What makes this even more impressive is Curry did this during his age 34-35 season, while the average age of the other nine players in the top 10 was just 24.1 years old.

Curry's commitment to maintaining this endurance level has allowed him to become arguably the most dangerous off-ball player in NBA history, helping him cement his legacy among the greatest players ever to play the sport.

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