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Nobody deserves 2025 All-Star Weekend at Chase Center more than Curry

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SAN FRANCISCO – The NBA’s decision to grant the 2025 All-Star Weekend to the Warriors in San Francisco speaks to the astonishing rise of a franchise that not long ago was a vacant lot on the league’s landscape.

Credit Warriors CEO Joe Lacob and co-chairman Peter Guber. Their bold vision and relentless drive reap yet another reward.

Credit the Warriors, who over the last 10 years have become a global beast.

Nobody, however, deserves more credit than Stephen Curry, who arrived in 2009 during meager times within the franchise, and has been the lead character of the organization that during his career has been astoundingly successful on the court and even more so on the value sheet.

All-Star Weekend is, in short, another item on the bulging portfolio of the Steph Economy. He’s 35 years old, popular with fellow players and exceedingly popular with fans.

Curry deserves this gift. And, yes, the NBA considered his superstar influence and presence during the site selection process.

“It factors in in that he helps make this such a desirable basketball market,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver told NBC Sports Bay Area. “But I’d hate to put so much pressure on him; he’s not going anywhere for many years. He’s still in his prime. It’s amazing what Steph continues to do.”

At age 35, Curry through the first eight games of the season is putting up numbers reminiscent of his 2015-16 season, when he earned his second MVP award – by the league’s first unanimous vote. He’s averaging 30.4 points per game, shooting 54.5 percent from the field, including 48.8 percent beyond the arc. 

There is no sign of slowing down, though Curry surely benefits from his regular-season minutes totals dropping from the mid-30s to the low-30s, by decree of coach Steve Kerr.

That won’t be an issue in an All-Star Game, the goal of which is to display all 24 players voted into or chosen for the honor.

Apart from but related to performance, Curry remains one of the most marketable pro athletes in the world, regardless of sport. The NBA, as you might discern, doesn’t miss many opportunities to promote its marquee players.

“He’s so easy to market that he markets himself just by his play,” Silver said of Curry. “He’s so multidimensional, not just in terms of his basketball skill but because he’s so relatable to fans. Because he’s not supersized, he’s a humble guy and he’s such intelligent person and player.

“Think about that (ACC Championship) golf tournament that he won this summer. A combination of hitting that shot from the tee, the basketball shot and then seeing him on the course. He’s just such an appealing guy. All the credit goes to him for how well he’s perceived and accepted everywhere.”

Lacob undoubtedly wishes Curry could play another dozen seasons. That’s fantasy. Steph wouldn’t dare look that far ahead.

He’ll be 36 – and less than a month away from 37 – when the All-Star Game comes to Chase Center on Feb. 16, 2025. That’s, well, advanced in NBA years.

No matter, according to the commissioner. And no worries.

“He takes such great care of his body,” Silver said. “We have no doubt he’s going to be on the floor as an All-Star.”

Given Curry’s current trajectory, that’s a pretty good bet. He’s earned the right to be the honorary host of the league’s showcase event.

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