Steph continues to dominate this advanced stat in '20-21


Steph Curry has looked like his old self so far in the 2020-21 NBA season, appearing to have taken full advantage of essentially an entire season off due to a hand injury and coronavirus suspension of the regular season.

Real plus-minus (RPM), an advanced stat developed by ESPN, tries to determine "how many points each player adds or subtracts, on average, to his team's net scoring margin for each 100 possessions played." It parses out separate ratings for a player's impact on offense (ORPM) and defense (DRPM), along with an overall net rating of the two. Steph leads the NBA in ORPM by a ... healthy margin.

LeBron James is nearly two full points behind in ORPM, but paces the NBA in RPM overall due to his positive impact on defense. Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum ranks second overall due to a strong DRPM, while ranking just sixth in ORPM. Curry is No. 3 in overall RPM.

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In past years, ORPM has recognized Curry's talents. Excluding the 2019-20 season in which Curry played just five games, Steph has led the league in ORPM every campaign since 2012-13, when he ranked third behind LeBron and Chris Paul.

Curry's scoring average (28.2) is his highest this season since his transcendent 2015-16 campaign, when he captured his second consecutive MVP honor.

His impact on the Warriors' offense can't be understated, and he'll get a chance to continue what has been an incredible season so far Saturday night in Dallas against the Mavericks.

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