Steph calls Warriors' core with Draymond, Klay ‘special'


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Rarely does a team's core stays together for a decade with so much movement in the NBA. However, the Warriors' Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry have made their relationship last and have been at the forefront four NBA championships.

Curry spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke and Monte Poole on the latest episode of "Dubs Talk" about how special it is to be teammates for all these years. 

"I think it's special because we are all different," Curry said. "We all express ourselves differently. We have different games, different personalities, different ways to communicate, but they all mesh, and there's like a seamlessness when we're out there on the floor and even in life where you don't have to be anything other than yourself. And that's what makes us special and has allowed us to sustain it as long as we have.

"The fact that we're still doing it says a lot. So it's kind of unheard of in the league. I know that the [San Antonio] Spurs, old [Boston] Celtics teams, "Showtime" Lakers ... there [are] a few examples of teammates that have been together this long and played at the level that we have for as long as we have. So I don't know if we're truly appreciated to be able to really talk about it until it's over.

"Hopefully, that's not anytime soon. But there's definitely a realization of how unique that trio is and [an] understanding of all the guys that we've played with along the way that have made it even more special."

Curry also noted how the trio has stayed together despite being different, considering neither of the three has opted to leave, as what's seen around the league these days with plenty of player movement. 

In Curry's eyes, all three bring a different quality to the table that has allowed the core to dominate the NBA for a decade.

"There's been a judgment-free zone of whoever you are bringing your best self to the table," Curry continued. "And we all grew together in that experience. So, like, we need Draymond to be the fire guy. The guy is going to challenge the locker room, challenge us on the court. We need Klay to be the guy that's so consistent with his competitiveness and his fire and his unique skill set that nobody can really duplicate, and it's shown up in the biggest moments.

"I try to lead by example, obviously growing into my voice from a vocal leadership perspective, but also knowing I have to be the most consistent, the hardest worker every single day, and people will follow that lead. So there's never been any time where we've looked at the other person and said, 'You have to change.' It's just, 'How do we continue to elevate and evolve who we are' to your point of how unique we are and continue to grow in that and it's been beautiful to watch."

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The 2022-23 NBA season has been a rollercoaster ride for the defending champions. While the Warriors look to avoid the play-in tournament, they're a team that no one wants to face come playoff time. 

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