Steph agrees with Dray's Dubs-Kings playoff series preference


If the 2022-23 NBA season ended on Friday, the first round of the playoffs would have a Northern California matchup between the Warriors and Sacramento Kings. 

Steph Curry knows who the Warriors will face should they remain in the No. 6 seed, and the 35-year-old welcomes the potential short trip that comes with facing the Kings. 

"What [Draymond Green] said is absolutely right," Curry said Friday on 95.7 The Game's "Steiny & Guru." "If you can knit pick a part of playoff preparation and maximizing rest between games and just the familiarity with our bus rides up there and all that. That would be ideal. 

"It's not saying anything about Sacramento as an opponent. He went through the whole thing. The travel we have to go through and back-and-forth. And even starting on the road, most likely cause we probably won't have homeport advantage, it'd be nice to start as close to home as possible." 

Curry isn't alone in his sentiment, as Green highlighted on a recent episode of "The Draymond Green Show" how the travel would positively impact the Warriors, who lean on an older core, while still respecting the Kings as a potential opponent. 

"I'm not upset if the standings shook out how they did today and we met Sacramento in the first round," Green said. 

"Not because I think Sacramento is a weak team, because the travel is so much easier ... The only place we can fly and get to in 45 minutes in the Western Conference is Sacramento."

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Golden State traveled to four cities outside the Pacific Time Zone during their playoff run to the 2022 NBA championship, so it is no surprise that the Warriors want to avoid repeating that scenario this year. 

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