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Bayless labels Draymond ‘dirtiest player in NBA history'

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Skip Bayless is convinced Draymond Green is a historic NBA player – but it has nothing to do with the Warriors star’s success on the court or his four NBA titles. 

Speaking on Thursday's episode of “The Skip Bayless Show," Bayless denominated Green as “the dirtiest player in NBA history by far” in a four-minute tirade directly aimed at the veteran forward. 

“Now, here is the astonishing truth about Draymond Green: In my career, I’ve never seen anything like this phenomenon,” Bayless said. “Draymond Green is, no exaggeration, the dirtiest player in NBA history by far. The dirtiest player in NBA history by far is Draymond Green.” 

Bayless then encouraged his viewers to look up “lowlight tapes of the cavalcade of Draymond Green’s dirtiest plays over the years” on YouTube as substance to back his loaded claim. 

Specifically, Bayless, who Green recently named as his “biggest hater” outside of the NBA, called out his “cheap shots”, “low blows” and the “dangerous plays” that, to him, make the 34-year-old an “all-time cheap shot artist.” 

In an attempt to add evidence for his claim, Bayless laid out how Green is a “great actor” by managing to deceive the public that he’s a likable person despite his on-the-court misconduct. 

“At his core, deepest down, he’s been a dirty basketball player with one or two screws loose," Bayless expressed. "Since he entered the league, Draymond Green has been ejected a league-high 20 times. He’s been called for technical fouls 151 times.” 

But Bayless didn’t stop there. He made sure to mention Green’s incident with former teammate Jordan Poole, which saw the forward get fined by Golden State. 

“This is the same Draymond – that great teammate that is Draymond – who sucker punched, of course, his teammate Jordan Poole during practice, "Bayless added. "We got to see the tape.

"Somebody released that tape because somebody wanted Draymond outed. Somebody inside the Golden State Warriors organization wanted the world to see the real Draymond Green.” 

Last season, Green was in the eye of the storm after striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić in the face and holding Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert in a chokehold, costing the veteran 21 games due to suspensions. 

The two suspensions, of course, were details Bayless didn’t forget to add to his rant.

“Obviously, just this past season, Draymond Green got suspended twice for dirty plays," Bayless said. "Five games for the headlock that he put on Rudy Gobert as he dragged him away and then 16 games for that psycho MMA-style kick that he gave Nurkić.

"I’ve never seen anything like that during a game.”  

In true Bayless fashion, he wrapped up his case by lauding the future Hall of Famers’ on-air talent despite being the “dirtiest player ever.” 

Knowing Green, it’s only a matter of time before he puts his talents to work and answers back. 

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