Report: Warriors interested in Oladipo trade before deadline


The Warriors sit in ninth place in the Western Conference at the All-Star break with a 19-18 record. That doesn't exactly make things easy for general manager Bob Myers. 

Do they go all-in ahead of the March 25 NBA trade deadline or hold steady? Well, Golden State reportedly is eyeing a former All-Star guard right now. 

The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reported Monday, citing league sources, the Warriors are interested in acquiring Houston Rockets guard Victor Oladipo. The 28-year-old has been up-and-down this year, his second season following a major knee injury. While he's averaging 20 points per game between his time this season with the Rockets and Indiana Pacers, he is only shooting 39.9 percent from the field and 33.1 percent from 3-point range. 

Adding Oladipo would fill a major hole for the Warriors. They badly need another ball-handler and as many scorers as they can get right now. Though he isn't shooting the ball great this season, Oladipo would be a secondary option for Steve Kerr and would be surrounded by much better talent than he is in Houston.

Oladipo also likely wouldn't cost too much. He's an unrestricted free agent after this season, plus his underwhelming performances could be in the Warriors' favor when it comes to trade value. One thing is for certain: Myers doesn't want to give up a valuable asset just to make a move at the deadline. 

"I don't think we want to think too short-term and give up something in the future just to make a little bit of a push now," Myers said last Wednesday to NBC Sports Bay Area's Grant Liffmann and Dorell Wright. "As hard as that is to stay discipline, I think we would hope that anything that we would decide to do had legs beyond this year or had advantages beyond the rest of this season.

"But that's a hard thing to do. When things are presented to you and you think this will help our roster ... again, the discipline comes into play when you factor in yes it will help our roster, but will it help us win a playoff series? Will it help us win a playoff game?"

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Steph Curry is playing like a MVP right now, and turns 33 years old in the coming days. The Warriors can't waste his prime. The same goes for Draymond Green, who recently turned 31. 

Is Oladipo the answer? We're about to find out.

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