Report: Lakers want Seth Curry in potential Russ-Kyrie trade


LeBron James could be teaming up with a member of the Curry family, but it's not the one he publicly has said he would like to play with someday.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are "actively engaged in discussions" on a blockbuster trade centered around swapping Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving, Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes reported Saturday, citing league sources.

Now, an agreement isn't close per Haynes as hurdles -- including any possible draft pick compensation -- remain to completing a complicated trade, but he reports there's optimism a deal can be hatched eventually.

That's where Seth Curry comes in.

Per Haynes, the Nets want the Lakers to take on the contract of sharpshooter Joe Harris, who is coming off ankle surgery. Harris is owed nearly $39 million over the next two seasons. Harris, in his prime, is the shooter the Lakers could use but it's unclear how effective he will be after the injury he's recovering from.

Instead of Harris, the Lakers want the Nets to put Curry in the trade, Haynes reported, citing sources. Curry's price tag -- $8.49 million for the 2022-23 season -- is considerably more palatable than Harris' contract.

And Steph Curry's younger brother was one of the best 3-point shooters this past season, finishing with a 42.2 percentage in 64 games between the Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. Following the midseason trade to Brooklyn, Curry shot 46.8 percent from deep.

The Lakers desperately need a shooter like Seth on their roster to space the floor for LeBron and Anthony Davis, and he's not making that much money by NBA standards, so it makes complete sense why they covet him.

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Swapping Westbrook for Irving will get all the headlines if a trade is completed, but if the Lakers can get Seth in the deal, it will reignite the brotherly battles against Steph.

Grab your popcorn if the Nets and Lakers make this happen.

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