Redick calls out Stephen A. for ‘backpedaling' on Dubs Finals pick


JJ Redick is putting analysts on notice. 

Just one week after the 17-year NBA veteran got into a fiery debate with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo over Draymond Green's behavior on the court, Redick held ESPN's Stephen A. Smith accountable after he appeared to be backtracking a little on his Warriors NBA Finals pick. 

"One team that really really has me concerned is the damn Boston Celtics," Smith said of Golden State's possible future Finals opponents. "Because I believe the Boston Celtics and that matchup against Golden State, that's a tough damn matchup for Golden State, I'm here to tell you. You've got guards and you've got athletes and you've got dudes that are relatively big I mean you've got Marcus Smart who is a pitbull but you've got height on Jaylen Brown, you've got height on Jayson Tatum, stuff like that. And you've got cats who can move their feet, get out and defend the perimeter, etc." 

After the Warriors' sloppy win over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals, Smith was a little concerned ... but only momentarily. 

"Now Golden State's still got their marksmen, their snipers and I get all that," Smith added. "I'm just saying it gave me cause for pause just for a moment ... I was a little nervous. I'm better now, but last night I was a little nervous."

Smith has thrown his support behind the Warriors to win it all on multiple occasions, staying consistent with his support despite numerous key injuries and uncertainty throughout the regular season. 

Redick, of course, remembers all of it. 

"Stephen A. I gotta say I'm actually shocked to hear you start to backpedal ... You're creating these little seeds of doubt here and what's wild to me about this," Redick said. "Here's what's wild to me about this, you've been saying this since October, early November.

"We didn't know if Klay Thompson was going to be able to play at a high level, we witnessed Steph [Curry] have a six-week shooting slump that we've never seen him have before, Draymond [Green] has a back injury we don't know if he's coming back and not once did you back off the fact that you were picking the Warriors to win it all. Now all of a sudden they have one okay game in which they win against a tough Memphis team and you want to start backpedaling. This is a classic example of Stephen A. Smith being a prisoner of the moment."

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The Warriors are just one win away from advancing to the Western Conference Finals, which would put them one step closer to winning their fourth championship in eight seasons. 

And one win away from making Smith's early-season pick look even better. 

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