Poole high-fives Dubs fans after beating buzzer with wild trey


Jordan Poole has a knack for ending third quarters in the NBA Finals with long-range baskets.

After hitting a halfcourt shot to end the third quarter in Game 2 against the Boston Celtics, the Warriors guard banked in a three from distance in Game 5 at Chase Center on Monday – once again, to end the third.

Poole barely got the shot off before the clock hit triple zeroes, taking a pass from Andrew Wiggins with time winding down in the third. But it counted just the same.

Poole let out a roar and then high-fived fans after the make, basking in yet another spectacular NBA Finals moment for the youngster.

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It was Poole’s second 3-pointer of the quarter and gave him 10 points on the night. 

More importantly, it gave the Warriors a 75-74 lead heading into the fourth quarter. 

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