PG13 explains how plan to guard Steph went horribly wrong


As the Warriors were preparing to go to Los Angeles last Wednesday for a showdown against the Clippers, Paul George was looking forward to his matchup with Stephen Curry.

George had a plan, which he explained on "Podcast P with Paul George." He reached out to his friend, Dallas Rutherford, last Tuesday and excitedly told him what Curry would have to deal with. The two men recalled the conversation on the podcast presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

“I got Steph,” George told Rutherford. “’Bout to lock him down.”

Rutherford, unclear on the message, asked George who he would be guarding. George was emphatic about who – and his vision.

“Bro, I said I’m going to lock down Steph,” he said. “I got Steph. I’m locked in.”

Realizing George was serious about his “Stop Steph” approach, Rutherford sought details. Force him to his left? Shoot off a certain dribble? 

“I didn’t do none of that,” George said. “I’m going to force him into layups. He’s going to have to beat me every time. No threes.

“All that went out the window.”

Curry lit up the Clippers for 50 points on 20-of-28 shooting, including 8 of 14 from beyond the arc. He scored 21 points in the third quarter – all unassisted.

In short, Curry took George and his teammates to school, with Rutherford laughing his way through the game.

“Bro, I couldn’t stop none of it,” George said on the podcast. “I couldn’t stop none of it.”

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And when Rutherford reminded him how intensely the Clippers were defending the Warriors, George had a quick response.

“It’s just his shot-making, bro,” he said of Curry. “It’s good defense on anybody else. It’s just his shot- making.”

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