Perk claims Draymond doing ‘whole lot of lying' after Game 1 loss


Draymond Green believes the Warriors will be just fine, but Kendrick Perkins begs to differ. 

After the Warriors' 120-108 loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the NBA Finals at Chase Center, Green remained calm and stated that the Warriors will "be fine" the rest of the way. 

Former Celtics center and current analyst for NBC Sports Boston and ESPN, Kendrick Perkins, strongly disagreed with Green's postgame comments. 

"That was a whole lot of lying for the simple fact ... 'we'll be fine,' no you won't," Perkins said on NBC Sports Boston's "Celtics Postgame Live. "No, you won't. Listen, Payton Pritchard played eight minutes in that fourth quarter, meaningful minutes. Jaylen Brown did his thing. The bench came in and gave a huge lift. The Warriors scored 16 points in the fourth quarter. 16. That ain't just happen because they were missing shots. No, the Celtics were getting to them, they couldn't get the ball to get they shot off. 

"They were on their ass like diapers on a baby. That's what it was, that's exactly what it was."

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A hilarious analogy, but not necessarily one that the Warriors are proud of. 

Draymond and the Warriors will look to right the ship in Game 2 at Chase Center on Sunday.

If they can't and Golden State heads back to Boston down two games to none ... well, Perkins might just be proven right. 

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