Paul Pierce suggests player Warriors could trade No. 2 pick for


It looks like Paul Pierce is paying attention to all of the hypothetical NBA trades being presented on the Internet and podcasts across the basketball world.

When the 2008 NBA Finals MVP was asked last week on ESPN's "The Jump" if he expects the Warriors to be dominant next season, he answered by revving up the trade machine.

"I think it's all gonna be predicated on what they do with this (No. 2 overall) draft pick," he said. "If they can turn this draft pick and (Andrew) Wiggins into acquiring another All-Star or All-Star caliber player, then yes they can get back into contention.

"And a name that comes to mind -- (Nikola) Vucevic. I think he could go in there and fit right in among their guards. He gives them a down-low presence (and) can knock down shots.

"If they can do that, then yes. But if not, they'll be right there in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference."

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Bleacher Report in early September laid out a three-team trade proposal that resulted in the Warriors acquiring Vucevic, Khem Birch and the No. 15 overall pick in the 2020 draft, with Golden State giving up the No. 2 pick, the 2021 top-three protected first-round from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Wiggins and Kevon Looney.

Even though Pierce's version is not as costly, it still seems unlikely the Warriors would choose this specific path.

Vucevic -- who is owed $26 million, $24 million and $22 million the next three seasons, respectively -- was an All-Star in 2018-19, and his 3-point shooting (33.9 percent last year) would give the Warriors a dimension from the center spot they currently do not possess.

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But parting ways with Wiggins would leave a huge void on the wing, and Golden State wouldn't have the opportunity to fill it in the draft after trading out of the first round entirely.

Ultimately, it's way too early to know whether the Warriors will be "dominant" again or not. We have to see what happens in the draft and free agency before forming any firm conclusions. Everybody is operating with incomplete information right now.

All we know is that Golden State has "a lot of ammo" to improve the roster, and a front office that very much wants to contend for the title next season.

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