No timetable for Wiseman's injury; Dubs getting more opinions


Steve Kerr didn't have many answers regarding James Wiseman's injury after it happened

That is fair. When the Warriors coach spoke about it on Saturday, just a few hours after Wiseman went down against the Houston Rockets, Wiseman hadn't had an MRI and Kerr hadn't spoken to the rookie of anyone from the Warriors' medical staff. 

But ahead of Monday's game against the Denver Nuggets, Kerr didn't have too much more additional information other than the fact that Wiseman suffered a right meniscus injury

"We are in the process of getting multiple opinions," Kerr said in his pregame press conference. "He had an MRI, so we are having multiple experts look at the MRI to determine what’s next. We don’t have any timetable yet."

Wiseman had the MRI on Sunday morning confirming the tear, but the severity of the tear is still unknown. So is whether or not Wiseman will need surgery. 

Meniscus tears have widely been an injury that can be fully recovered from, however, if not treated properly can lead to more injuries down the line. That's exactly what the Warriors want to avoid. 

But they will cross that bridge when they get there. Right now, they have other priorities regarding the 20-year-old.

"The biggest thing is just making sure James is OK," Kerr said. "He’s obviously had a lot of adversity this rookie season with the wrist injury and now the knee injury, and of course, missing training camp and not having a summer league. He’s really gutted through a lot of difficulties. 

"I’ve told you all how much I like James and being around him and how impressed I am, by him, at such a young age. This is another obstacle that’s been put in front of him -- I feel terrible for James. He was just starting to feel a little rhythm offensively and starting to feel good and picking up some momentum. It’s really tough to see him go down."

The rhythm Kerr referred to was Wiseman's 13-point game against the Milwaukee Bucks and 18-point game he had against the Washington Wizards in the two contests leading up to the game against the Rockets in which he got injured. 

Because of the various injuries Wiseman has suffered and needing to be placed in the NBA's health and safety protocols, Wiseman had never gotten a sustained stretch of playing time to find anything rhythm. And when he was stringing together consecutive games, it was off the bench or in limited minutes. 

But over the last week, he finally looked like he was coming into his own. The game was slowing down for him and it was apparent that his basketball IQ was getting better. He could make reads and plays without the coaching staff setting them up for him, which was the biggest sign of development he's had all season. 

Now, continuing that will have to wait. 

Moving forward, the Warriors are open to adding more bodies to their frontcourt with their last open roster spot. With Wiseman out, Marquese Chriss traded and Eric Paschall recovering from a hip flexor injury, Kevon Looney is their only available true center.

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"We are very thin in the frontcourt," Kerr said. "That is something that we will be looking at as we move forward and once we get word on what James’ prognosis is."

As Kerr said, there is no timetable for Wiseman right now, so it's unclear if he will miss the rest of the season -- which is just 19 more regular-season games -- or Summer League if there is one.

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