NBA rumors: Kevin Durant, Thunder not interested in basketball reunion


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Kevin Durant and Nick Collison were teammates for nine seasons. They have a special bond.

And that is why the two-time Finals MVP will be traveling to Oklahoma City when the Thunder retire Collison's jersey on March 20 (which is awesome).

"That group was so special, that whole group from 2010 until I left there, it was special," Durant told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. "It's about time for us to let go of all that extra stuff, and just come together -- especially around this time, because it's Nick."

This is newsworthy because whenever the Warriors have traveled to OKC the last couple of seasons, Durant hasn't exactly been welcomed back with open arms by the organization that selected him No. 2 overall back in 2007.

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But as sources told Woj: "The Thunder are aware of Durant's plans to attend the ceremony and are glad to accommodate him."

Will the people in attendance that night find a way to boo Durant as they simultaneously honor and cheer Collison? The event will certainly receive plenty of attention from the media.

You know what else would receive lots of media coverage? If Durant left the Warriors to return to the Thunder. But as Woj writes, that won't be happening:

For those thinking that this could be Durant's way of starting a pathway back to the Thunder in free agency this summer, think again: There's no interest on either side for a basketball reconciliation. Both Durant and the Thunder have moved on, with OKC reshaping a new contender around Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

Well OK then. That settles that.

Durant is able to make the special trip for Collison because the Warriors play in Minnesota on March 19 before returning home to face the Pacers on March 21.

The only question left to be answered: Who is picking up the bill for the private jet that will fly Durant back to the Bay Area?

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