NBA rumors: Andre Iguodala will choose Lakers or Clippers if bought out


Former Warriors forward Andre Iguodala technically is employed by the Memphis Grizzlies. But for all intents and purposes, he doesn't really play for the Memphis Grizzlies.

As Chris Herrington of the Daily Memphian reported in September:

Andre Iguodala will not attend Grizzlies’ Media Day on Monday nor report to the team's training camp under an arrangement reached between the two sides, according to team and league sources.

The team agreed the veteran can continue private workouts at a location of his choosing while Memphis pursues trades involving the former Golden State Warrior and NBA Finals MVP. 

There is a mutual understanding, per sources, that the situation may not reach a resolution until well into the season.

The Grizzlies, obviously, want to trade the 2015 NBA Finals MVP so they can receive an asset. Iguodala -- who eventually will have his No. 9 Warriors jersey hanging in the rafters at Chase Center -- probably would prefer a buyout so he could become a free agent and can control where he signs.

But he wants a "buyout" in which he actually doesn't surrender any money. Believe it or not, this is possible.

So where will the 35-year-old (he turns 36 in January) end up?

On Thursday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe had on the "Lowe Post" Podcast: 

Lowe: "It's not a championship race anymore in the NBA if Andre Iguodala isn't involved ... whether it's a trade or a buyout, he has the potential to swing somebody's championship odds by a couple percentage points, just because here's a guy who has a track record of making it difficult for LeBron (James) and Kawhi (Leonard) and Paul George."

Woj: "It's the two LA teams. It's the Lakers and it's the Clippers. And if there is a buyout at some point -- if Memphis can't trade him -- that's where that will come down to, those two teams."

"Iguodala is OK with sitting right now ... Iguodala's fine with seeing what the landscape looks like and then jumping in on the season a little later. You're signing Andre Iguodala or trading for him for the postseason."

Lowe: "I wish we could get Utah involved. He'd be a great fit in Utah to guard all those guys we just talked about."

There is an outside chance Iguodala finds his way back to the Warriors this season, but it's pretty unlikely.

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It will be very painful for Dubs fans if he ends up with the Lakers or Clippers (or Rockets for that matter). But Iguodala will be a free agent next summer and could reunite with Steph Curry and Co. in July.

For now, Andre, just keep enjoying those many rounds of golf!

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