NBA: Draymond's screen on Steph's late layup vs. Mavs was legal


Steph Curry's layup with 8.5 seconds remaining in regulation just about sealed the Warriors' massive 127-125 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night at American Airlines Center, and he had a little help from one of his oldest running mates.

As Curry was driving around Mavericks forward Maxi Kleber, Draymond Green set a screen on Reggie Bullock, preventing the wing from providing any resistance to the reigning NBA Finals MVP.

A day later, the NBA confirmed through the Last Two Minute Report that Green's screen on Bullock was legal, deeming it a "Correct Non-Call."

"Green (GSW) backs into Bullock (DAL) in the lane but does not hold him or otherwise dislodge him from his defensive position," the NBA stated.

Green played the last several minutes of the important road win with five fouls. If he had been whistled for his sixth on that play, it would have negated Curry's layup and given the Mavericks a chance to win the game on the next possession with the former Defensive Player of the Year on the bench.

On the Mavericks' possession before Curry's layup, the NBA said star forward Luka Dončić should have been whistled for a traveling violation on a 3-point attempt as the shot clock was expiring.

"Doncic (DAL) switches his pivot foot prior to the jump shot attempt," the NBA stated.

The good news for the Warriors is that the missed traveling call on Dončić didn't cost them a game they had to have.

The result of the game was overshadowed by a controversial moment at the end of the third quarter when the Warriors bizarrely scored a basket when there was confusion about which team had possession after a timeout.

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The Mavericks believed that the referees had award them possession, but replays suggest that the Warriors ultimately were given possession, though Dallas is protesting the game.

In the end, the Warriors (38-36) were able to pull out a much-needed win as they try to secure a top-six seed in the Western Conference playoffs and avoid the play-in tournament.

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