Myers, Warriors exploring all options with open roster spots


The Warriors opened two roster spots Thursday with the trades of Brad Wanamaker and Marquese Chriss, executing some financial maneuvering in the process.

So, how will general manager Bob Myers and the Warriors go about filling those two openings for this season? Myers spoke to the media Friday, and detailed the various ways the front office could add players into those positions.

"If something great comes along immediately, we would do that," Myers said. "Right now today, there's nothing immediate that we're doing, who's the buyout players, we have a little more flexibility as far as roster spots go, so we'll look at all of it.

"We looked at our player over in Australia, we talked about potential buyout guys, we don't know who is going to get bought out yet, but internally, we thought what if this guy gets bought out or that guy, we have the (Disabled Player Exception) DPE, which is a little bit more money than the minimum, to spend if we wanted to go after somebody, so we'll see. 

"We have some players on our roster we can convert, and like I said, it's been just about 24 hours since the deadline passed, but we will look at those things and make a decision I think in the next week or so."

That player over in Australia is Justinian Jessup, whom the Warriors chose No. 51 overall in the 2020 NBA Draft and has been playing with the Illawarra Hawks as part of the NBL's "Next Stars" program. 

Jessup has been one of the league's stronger players, especially in 3-point line shooting. Albeit against significantly inferior competition to the NBA, Jessup has looked like a player who could stand to help the Warriors' bench this season.

Myers specifically was asked about Jessup, and said the 22-year-old guard is among a number of options the team is considering to fill those two roster vacancies.

"We talked about that a little bit yesterday -- again, a lot of things would have to align," Myers said. "And not having talked to him or his agent personally, needing to know what they want, and also considering his development, is he going to continue to develop better there or here? It's a question, and it's something you put up on the whiteboard and everybody gets a say in it.

"But clearly his representation, he would, and then you make the best call, so it's one of the things we're looking at. It's not the only thing, it's one of many things, but like I said, we'll get clarity on that in the next few weeks or so."

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The Warriors also could transfer the two-way contracts of Juan Toscano-Anderson and Nico Mannion to full NBA contracts. The league did announce a change to the rules limiting the amount of NBA days a two-way player can log, allowing those with that type of contract to not only play more than 50 games but also make them eligible for the playoffs.

Toscano-Anderson is "expected" to be one of the two players sliding into those roster spots, The Athletic's Anthony Slater reported Friday.

Myers mentioned one benefit of potentially sliding one or both of those young players into the final roster spots would be if the Warriors' front office wanted to sign either Toscano-Anderson or Mannion to a multi-year contract, similar to what the team did with Damion Lee last season.

The few weeks after the trade deadline always lead to a number of veterans who part ways with teams that are out of playoff contention, and the Warriors could go after an older player they like if he ends up becoming available.

The DPE, which came as a result of Klay Thompson's season-ending Achilles injury, could allow the Warriors to sign a player to a more-lucrative contract than the veteran minimum.

Myers and the front office clearly are exploring any and all options to make the Warriors the best team they can be this season, while also keeping an eye toward the future with the hopes of a healthy return for Thompson in 2021-22.

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