Myers reveals one thing he told Poole, JTA in exit interviews


A lot was on the line when the Warriors defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in the regular-season finale.

And obviously, the stakes were high in both of Golden State's heartbreaking losses in NBA the play-in tournament.

"Even though we didn't make the playoffs -- which I would have loved to do more than anything -- we got three meaningful games," Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Wednesday on 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" show. "Those were real games.

"I told Jordan Poole in his exit interview -- and Juan [Toscano Anderson] -- that game [vs. the Los Angeles Lakers] was the equivalent of a Western Conference finals game.

"And Memphis -- those games, especially the last one we lost -- that's a high-level game."

Myers' comments were in the context of discussing how Andrew Wiggins, Poole and JTA gained valuable experience down the stretch that should bode well for next season and beyond.

The two-time NBA Executive of the Year also mentioned how the Warriors' wins in the final week of the season over the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns were important for individual development.

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And assuming they remain with the franchise through the offseason, all three players are expected to have significant roles in 2021-22 when the Warriors hope to be legitimate title contenders again.

"If you can compete -- which I thought Wiggins did, I thought Poole did, Juan -- you know you can do it [when it matters most]," Myers said.

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