Mychal Thompson repeats no need for negotiation between Klay, Warriors


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Back in late October, Klay Thompson's father, Mychal, explained why there's no need for his son and the Warriors to negotiate in free agency this summer.

"The money thing is basically set in stone," he said on 95.7 The Game. "Everybody knows what the salary cap is, everybody knows what a player of Klay's caliber and tenure in the league is supposed to get on his next deal.

"So basically, there's no need to negotiate -- everybody's number is set because of the salary cap rules."

On Wednesday night, Mychal doubled down when he was asked if Golden State needs "to bring the bag" on July 1.

"Well that's all set. You have a payscale. Everybody knows what it is," he said on KNBR 680. "Your listeners can Google it. It's not even a negotiation. It's not even an issue."

Translation -- the five-time All-Star feels like he deserves the max, he wants the max and the Warriors better be prepared to offer the max.

"You can, if you're willing, take less to help the team absorb some of the cost. So it's all up to you as a player," Mychal added. "Tim Duncan used to say all the time that he was set to make a certain amount but he would take less -- sort of like what Tom Brady does for the Patriots."

"It's a set number and either you agree to it or not."

Well, it certainly doesn't sound like the two-time All-NBA selection is willing to take less. Multiple reports over the last couple of months have indicated that Klay will seriously consider signing elsewhere if Golden State doesn't offer him a max contract.

In early February, owner Joe Lacob made it clear that the Warriors "can do whatever we want" financially. “We have the capital to pay our players what they deserve. And we will."

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And after Golden State eliminated Houston in Game 6 last Friday night, Lacob said: "I have a special bond with (Klay). I always have. He's the first player, since I bought the team, that we drafted. The very first one. And I just have always felt an incredible attachment.

"People make fun of me a little bit -- I always say I love Klay. I love Klay. I just do. He's so real. He's so real. There's no BS. And there's something about him, I have a very special relationship with him."

In summation, you shouldn't worry about Klay leaving. The end.

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