Moody evaluates fellow rookie Kuminga after Summer League


While Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody have only played four basketball games as teammates so far, their history goes back to when the Warriors rookies were in high school.

At 18 and 19 years old, respectfully, high school wasn't that long ago for the No. 7 and No. 14 picks. However, a lot has happened in that short time and they've already been able to grow their game. 

Seeing how Kuminga has developed his game in one year with the G League Ignite was one of Moody's biggest takeaways from Summer League. 

"On the floor, he is extremely strong," Moody told NBC Sports Bay Area on the Dubs Talk Podcast. "And he's not just strong when you got a good base and you're off two. When he's off one doing that euro step, holding the ball he's just as strong. So that's something crazy that's going to get him a lot of and-ones and a lot of tough finishes around the basket.

"He's really smart. So on the court, he's really dissecting. He's been in this situation a lot so giving small little stuff and we can talk on the floor. but he definitely talks a lot if you really get around him."

Kuminga's athleticism, strength, and understanding of how to use and move his body to his advantage are areas of his game that suggest he could have a more immediate impact on the game than many expected. Heading into the draft, he was labeled as one of the rawest players in the class, and would need a lot of development before being able to contribute at the NBA level.

Development surely is needed -- as it is with Moody -- but Kuminga proved to be in a good spot.

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When it comes to continuing to develop and grow, Kuminga and Moody shouldn't have any issues. Not only because of their skillsets but also because of their mindsets.

"Another thing, off the floor we have similar mentalities," Moody said. "Just loving the workout, loving to get better. A lot of the times when you're on a team, there are a lot of guys and you might be the only one wanting to get those extra shots up. You never know. But he's one of the guys like me so it's fun being around him."

Having a preexisting relationship from high school, basketball camps and pre-draft process, in addition to being similar in age have put Kuminga and Moody in a nice position to grow together with the Warriors.

Not only are they in the same spot in their careers, but also in their development and overall stage of life. It's different than being drafted alongside a player four years older than you, and it lends itself well to the journey Kuminga and Moody are starting out on. 

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