Marat Kogut, ‘MVP' of Warriors' loss, left off NBA playoff referee roster


The list of 36 referees chosen to officiate the 2019 NBA playoffs was announced Saturday, and the man Steph Curry referred to as an "MVP" wasn't one of them.

The fact that Curry felt compelled to refer to Marat Kogut as the most valuable player in a controversial Warriors loss to the Timberwolves back on March 29 likely is a big reason why.

After a swipe at Curry's legs went uncalled and Kevin Durant's would-be four-point play was waved off, the Warriors lost the game when Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns converted a free throw at the end of regulation, after a questionable-at-best foul was called on KD.

Curry, Durant, Draymond Green and Warriors coach Steve Kerr were highly critical of the officiating following the loss, and Curry zeroed in on Kogut in particular.

"You have to ask the MVP of tonight, [Marat] Kogut," Curry said as he departed his postgame press conference, still visibly frustrated.

Curry, Durant and Green eventually were fined for their comments, but a couple weeks later, they're participating in the playoffs, and Kogut is not.

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The 36 officials selected were chosen based on their performance during the 2018-19 regular season, and Kogut clearly did not qualify. 

Given the heated relationship between the Warriors and officials over the course of the season, that's probably a good thing. And here's venturing a guess to say the Dubs weren't too disappointed to see Kogut left off the list.

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