Luka's funny Dirk quip after roof leak in Dubs-Mavs Game 4


When a leak in the roof at American Airlines Center delayed Game 4 of the Western Conference finals on Tuesday, workers scrambled to clean the floor and stop the leak.

Everyone else waited and waited and … waited, as they looked around with uncertainty about when the game was going to resume. 

After the Dallas Mavericks’ 119-109 win over the Warriors, Luka Dončić had a clever suggestion of who should’ve been called to help fix the leak. 

“Luka, you’ve done a lot for this franchise,” one reporter asked after the game. “Is there anything you can help do to fix the roof?”

“I wish,” Dončić replied. “I’ll ask Dirk [Nowitzki]. Dirk has more memories in this building.” 

“He’ll say he built it so maybe he is to blame,” the reporter joked back. 

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Nowitzki did spend his entire 21-year career in Dallas and is probably more familiar with the home arena than any other player. 

Perhaps the 14-time All-Star will have to take a break from his front office duties with the Mavericks and check out the roof when he gets the chance. 

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