Kuminga sees Warriors as ‘greatest' NBA situation for him


Jonathan Kuminga hasn't had the typical rookie experience for a No. 7 overall pick, and that's just how the Warriors rookie likes it.

Kuminga has seen action in 28 games this season for the Warriors but is averaging only 9.2 minutes per game. The 19-year-old forward and fellow rookie Moses Moody have also gotten time with the Santa Cruz Warriors. With the Warriors owning the NBA's best record, Kuminga knows he must earn his minutes and won't get the consistent playing time often afforded to top picks.

But Kuminga believes the Warriors are the perfect spot for him to grow as an NBA player, even if that means fewer minutes initially.

"To me, I feel like this is the greatest situation for me," Kuminga said Thursday after scoring 13 points in the Warriors' loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. "Even when I don't play, there is something I learn. When I'm doing something wrong, I've always got (Draymond Green) Draymond, (Andre Iguodala) Andre, (Steph Curry) Steph, anybody that's way older than me or more experienced than me coming up to me and saying I need to do this to get better. Or even if I did bad, I got people that come up to me -- because if I went to a team where I had to shoot every type of ball, every movement, I wasn't going to really learn.

"To some people who got drafted to teams that don't win or don't got vets, that's their chance to learn even more. I'd say both options are good, but the one I am in is the best one."

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Almost every time Kuminga takes the floor for the Warriors, the rookie forward does something to illustrate why Golden State drafted him to be one of its next stars. Kuminga is improving at an impressive rate, and it won't be a surprise if the 19-year-old plays an important role come playoff time for the Warriors.

Head coach Steve Kerr believes both Kuminga and Moody are exactly where they need to be.

"I think they are both right on schedule," Kerr said Thursday of Kuminga and Moody. "I think they are both really working hard every single day, putting the work in, learning what it's about to be an NBA player -- that means getting into the training room, getting into the weight room, getting onto the floor, watching film, watching film of your opponent and doing that day after day after day, and bringing the energy that is necessary to do all that.

"It's not easy, especially for 19-year-old kids. So, they are learning and, they are doing a great job and, they are coming along."

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