Klay Thompson's limited edition ‘KT4 Klay Area' shoes to drop in Oakland


There are customized sneakers, and there are these customized sneakers. 

The latest KT4 "Klay Areas" will drop on Oct. 6 and the owner is in charge of how they look -- and they can switch them up as much as they want:

According to the Oaklandish website, the Klay Area comes with six-packs of velcro packages that are interchangeable to ones' liking.

There are personal touches via Klay Thompson including a patch of his beloved dog Rocco, the time he channeled his inner-Jackie Moon, his All-Star selections, a dedicated patch to "China Klay," and even the time he signed a toaster.

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Those interested need to act quickly, however, as only 200 pairs will be available in the US and only at the exclusive KT4 drop on Oct. 6 from noon-3 pm. 

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