Klay Thompson

Watch Klay hilariously outduel Draymond in paper airplane contest

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Klay Thompson wasn't finished competing in the minutes following the Warriors' 102-101 win over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday at Chase Center.

Thompson, who hit the game-winning jump shot with 0.2 seconds left, was challenged to a paper airplane contest by teammate Draymond Green

Green addressed the media first and, like Thompson has so many times, folded up the box score into a paper airplane and fired it across the room. Thompson followed suit several minutes later when a reporter showed him Green's work.

"He's terrible," Thompson jokingly said of Green's attempt at making a paper airplane. "That thing is not flying anywhere. ... Terrible engineer."

It's pretty easy to tell which player's paper airplane sliced through the air for the longer distance.

Thompson, Green and the Warriors will board an actual plane and hit the road to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday.

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