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Klay Thompson channels Jackie Moon en route to NBA's 3-point record


Klay Thompson showed off a new look en route to an NBA-record 14 3-pointers and 52 total points on Monday in a blowout win over the Chicago Bulls. 

Thompson wore a headband for a good chunk of his record-setting night, and credited a Will Ferrell character as his inspiration.

"I looked like Jackie Moon out there, so I was feeling good," Thompson joked with reporters after the game. "He's one of my favorite characters in all of sports movies, so that's probably why I broke the record."

Jackie Moon, of course, was the main character in "Semi-Pro," Will Ferrell's 2008 comedy about an ABA franchise trying to make the jump to the NBA. But there were also practical reasons Thompson donned a headband down the stretch in the Windy City.

Thompson told reporters he and teammate Damian Jones collided like "a couple of idiots," and he had to get two stitches in his head as a result. He told reporters after the game he just wanted to get back on the court, and wearing a band-aid under a headband allowed him to do that. 

"I wasn't gonna let that stop me from attempting this record," Thompson said.

Perhaps the only thing that could have stopped Thompson Monday night was a halftime, bear-wrestling promotion. 

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