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Why Warriors' 2015 NBA championship is Thompson's favorite

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Klay Thompson and the Warriors will forever cherish their four NBA championships.

However, for Golden State's dynastic trio of Thompson, Steph Curry and Draymond Green, the first might just be the sweetest.

Thompson joined NBA star Paul George on an episode of "Podcast P with Paul George," where he explained why the Warriors' 2015 NBA Finals win was his favorite.

"Forty years, you can feel it from the Bay," Thompson recalled. "I talked to people who grew up in Oakland and surrounding cities, 'We could have never envisioned a Warriors championship, are you kidding me?' They were just in awe and to see Oakland packed that day around Lake Merritt and just how happy people were, I'll never forget those memories. So Game 6 2015 the feelings you get, it was so unexpected, so much greatness that year."

The Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 to clinch their first championship in 40 years. Despite it being such a special moment for Golden State, Thompson's performance on the court was one to forget, sparking one of many great memes of the Warriors star.

"Game 6 2015 was special. That meme they made of me was so funny. 'When you don't do any work but still get an A+ on the project,'" Thompson said laughing. "And I'm just on the bench, 2-for-7, 5 points." I'll never forget, Mark Davis fouled me out I was so mad."

What ended up being a rather uneventful night for Thompson on the court was one of the greatest moments in franchise history and a night Warriors fans never will forget.

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