Kevin Durant told Bob Myers he feels more a part of the Warriors than ever before


The Warriors faced elimination twice in the Western Conference Finals.

In Game 6, they trailed by 17 points at the end of the first quarter, but ultimately won by 29.

In Game 7, they were down 15 with less than five minutes to go in the second quarter.

But the Warriors roared back to punch their fourth straight ticket to the NBA Finals.

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On Wednesday, Golden State GM Bob Myers was a guest on The Jim Rome Show, and when talking about the series vs Houston, he shared a story from the flight home:

"The turning point in that series was Game 4. However you want to characterize it -- we were up 10 going into the fourth at home -- that's a game we win 90 percent of the time. And credit Houston again -- they beat us. 

"That's where it felt like in the playoffs, you cannot -- I don't want to use the term give away -- but you can't let go of a game at home ... now you've got to beat a very good team five times, because you count that one as a game you probably should have won.

"So that was tough. Coming off that and then losing Game 5 and being backs up against it. Kevin Durant, after the game (Game 7), I was sitting with him on the plane and he said, 'I feel more a part of the team now than I ever have.' We hadn't been through a ton of adversity ... we went through some adversity this regular season, but last year in the playoffs -- it was great and it was smooth and it was a little bit like a honeymoon year having Kevin -- but to face adversity, that's when you really get to know your teammates, your organization.

"When you go through a situation like we did getting that close to being knocked out by Houston, you build these bonds. We're better for it. Probably more tired for it, but those things strengthen your team if you get through them."

Durant took a lot of heat for the Warriors seeming to turn to an iso-heavy approach vs the Rockets.

The series was an emotional roller-coaster for him.

"The game is at a mental point in my career where I'm just trying to figure things out out there," Durant said after Game 7. "I know what I can do physically ... they did such a good job at switching. I know the whole iso thing was a big thing around our team -- we talked about it a lot.

"For me, after the first two games, I just felt like I could get a lot in the switches and the mismatches. I thought they did a great job ... they started to bring guys over and help and shadow a bit and I wasn't seeing that for a couple games. I was running into crowds, I was forcing, I was going too fast on my drives and on my moves. And had me just thinking too much out there.

"When I just decided to just say forget it and just hoop and just play ball -- tonight I just tried to come out and just play as hard as I can on the defensive side of the ball and let my offense come around, whereas in games before I was thinking about my offensive coming into the game."

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