Kevin Durant shouldn't leave Warriors in free agency, Snoop Dogg advises


Everybody has an opinion on what Kevin Durant should do when he becomes a free agent on June 30.

Some want Durant to stay with the Golden State Warriors and keep the championship dynasty together. Others are adamant he should leave and go to a team that needs him.

Rapper and avid NBA fan Snoop Dogg can't understand why Durant would consider leaving.

"I wouldn't leave if I was him," Snoop Dogg said on NBC Sports Bay Area's SNC: FABulous Edition prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals. "You've got it made in the shade right here, you know what I'm sayin'? You've got a bunch of teammates that get down with you, a community that loves you, you're getting top dollar.

"But at the same time, I know he probably feels this is Steph's team or not something he created, so he may want to stand on his own two feet and do something on his own. But he had his shot when he was in OKC, and that didn't work."

Durant is expected to decline his player option and become the most coveted player on the open market this summer. The latest rumors have Kyrie Irving attempting to pursuade Durant to join him on the Brooklyn Nets.

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Hopefully for the Warriors and their fans, Durant takes Snoop's advice and stays in the Bay.

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